9 reasons for PEC

We are


through ready-made and proven measures, a structured approach, a clear concept and templates to go


through the use of multipliers and the optimization of three action fields at the same time: same time, same cost, triple benefit


through practice orientated know how and long standing experience


through partnership-based consulting at eye level and direct employee contact, feedback culture and needs-based adaptation of all measures


through an attractive and transparent fixed price


simple approach, clear and understandable, customer-oriented, open and honest bilateral exchange


from simple long-term savings to a persistent employee motivation, expert knowledge that remains after 10 weeks, connection to networks that support you in all belongings, getting to know new approaches and the training of internal “change managers“


through step by step instructions, check lists, overviews, to-dos, clear target agreements, deadlines, responsibilities and smooth communication


Customer first: You choose the basic conditions, you choose the action areas, you choose the individual measures and you set your goals. Your goals are our goals

Our Values


ProEfficiency Consulting knows that optimization doesn’t need to be difficult. We believe that a team can do great things in no time. We know that the biggest difficulty of any change is the beginning; Once the stone rolls, it is unstoppable, only the direction needs to be adjusted. We see ourselves as your “stone-roller”. Our mission is to work with your employees to simplify their work, save your time and money, and increase the long-term success of your business.


“Change equals development”
Our drive is the continuous optimization of the already good. Our enthusiasm is simplicity, because even the heaviest doors only need a small key. Our passion is to lay foundations. Our goal is to be transparent and increase your efficiency, to engage employees to be part of change and to establish courageous and solution-focused thinking.


ProEfficiency Consulting focuses with its concept on small and medium-sized companies that work with processes, employ employees, provide a working environment, communicate together and to the outside and have a leading culture. The unique concept captivates through transparency, a clear structure and simplicity. Targeted customer focus, dynamics through individual adjustments and a great deal of humanity, all that stands for PEC.


The founder and CEO of ProEfficiency Consulting was able to gain her expert knowledge through years of international project experience. Through various concepts, the coordination and support of rollouts as well as the structured performance of measurements, she was actively involved in the field of Change Management, always with a focus on process optimization and employee engagement.

Linda Theurer has many years of experience and proven competences in the successful implementation of Change Management measures, which she offers to small and medium-sized companies through the concept “Simply optimize in 10 weeks”.

Linda Theurer is your competent, dynamic and experienced partner when it comes to making your company even better.

Our Partners

We cooperate with the following professional service providers and product providers:

  • Coaches
  • Spiritual Business Coach
  • Creative Agency
  • Leadership Development
  • BGM Specialist
  • Wage-time optimization concepts
  • IT Software Solutions
  • CRM Specialists
  • Logistics Specialists
  • Financial Services
  • Estate Agents
  • Lawyers with Specialties
  • Tax Consultant
  • Insurance Companies
  • Advertising Agencies
  • WebDesigners
  • Auditors
  • etc

Are you looking for a specialized partner for a particular area? Send us your request by e-mail to kontakt@einfach-optimieren.com

Partner Sites

Heike Furch of Movigo
Prevention – individual for your company – easy to implement – effective


Ralf Barth from Motivations.plus
Efficient Wage Optimization Concepts


Patrick Afchain of.Zen
Spiritual Business Coach


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