Change Management - how our employees become efficiency boosters

Area: Optimization Strategy

Target Group: Executives, Change Managers, Personnel
Duration: 90 min

Speaker: Linda Theurer

More and more small and medium-sized enterprises are considering how they can not only change as an innovative company, but at the same time keep and motivate employees.

That change management and employee involvement belong together, why entrepreneurs should prefer the active change of the passive, and what is involved with the 5 success steps is shown in this lecture on the basis of numerous practical examples.

“On to the active change!” So the Apell. But not as a stressed leader, with the motto “follow me”, but as a coach and coach.
Leading relaxed, giving responsibility, activating employees and giving them what they want: commitment, development and responsibility.

Away from theory, to practice. This talk is about active tackling, getting started and doing.


  • Change – why?
  • Methods top-down or bottom-up?
  • The 5 magical steps to bond
  • Dealing with resistance
  • Which role bosses really play in the change process?
  • The path from low to high employee engagement
  • Why bond? Labor market study 2018


Cost: € 300 per event

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