In 10 weeks and 5 easy steps to

Higher Efficiency

Clear structures, simple and efficient processes, needs-oriented environment, digitization, fewer non productive work, less waste, transparent and smooth communication, documentation, check listes, etc.

Higher Employee Engagement

Improved work culture, more motivated and efficient employees, fewer staff failures, less sick leave, less fluctuation, higher motivation and personal responsibility, better communication more company success

Higher Personnel Cost Savings

Reduced staff turnover and staff costs save costs for recruitment, tendering, headhunter, training, error rate, etc., lower stress level for the entire crew to compensate for lost time, fewer loss of working hours due to stress-related illness or burn-out

Better Employer Brand

Happy employees promote their employer, so you receive more unsolicited applications and lower your recruitment and headhunting costs.

Higher Service and Quality Niveau

Introduction of solution-oriented feedback culture, active problem solving, away from error thinking, creation of idea pools, activation of creativity and solution finding of employees, systematic questioning and problem analysis, techniques and tools to encourage lateral thinking, SMART goal setting, documentation and team work

More efficiency through



Processes are the nervous system of every company. Together, we will give the organism of your company a powerful and sustained  Learn More >>


Work Environment (New Way Of Working)

New Way Of Working creates freedom, freedom creates an innovative spirit! The full competence development of your employees Learn More >>


Employee Engagement

“Home sweet home”. Following this motto, we analyze your current measures, define focus groups, introduce tools for measuring success Learn More >>



Good communication is the basis of efficient and relaxed working. Together, we analyze your internal and external communication Learn More >>


Management Culture

Leadership is subject to constant change. In view of your mission, vision and values, we analyze, measure and optimize the leadership culture Learn More >>

Highway to more productivity – the 10 weeks programme

Free initial analysis based on an employee survey, evaluation and creation of your individual action plan Read More

Achieving your goals is our goal. Exact SMART goal setting, clarification of the framework conditions and off we go! Read More

KPIs serve us as a comparable basis. Where are we, where do we want to go? Analysis of existing measuring instruments / controlling, if necessary introduction of new KPIs, preparation of communication plan, instruction and training of multipliers, recognition and use of the communication channels, risk planning, guaranteeing 100% transparency, flawless documentation and assignment of responsibilities, presentation of finished templates, concept and To-Do lists, determination of new measures, motivational and expectation talk Read More

Existing measures are optimized and new measures are developed, implemented, measured and anchored by the team using a simple 5-step plan. A toolbox of completed measures reduces time and costs and can be adapted individually and within 10 weeks to your company. Simply more efficient Read More

Achievements want to be seen. No success without proof. To do this, we first define key figures and measurement methods that are regularly measured and compared based on the SMART objective. Are we are still on the right track, what have we achieved so far, where do we want to go? Answers to this are given by our key figures Read More

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