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5 Optimisation Fields

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Higher Efficiency through 5 Optimisations Fields

Process Optimisation

Processes are the nervous system of every company. Only when they work properly employees and companies can be successful. If there are delays or even disruptions in the system, the company – like a human organism – faces the infarction. At the end of the 10-weeks program, our goal is to have all your processes identified, documented, analyzed, optimized and controlled. We will give the organism of your company a strong and sustained drive to increase the efficiency of your company with clearly defined goals, direct customer focus and simplified procedures.

Work Environment (New Way Of Working)

New Way Of Working creates open space, open space creates innovative spirit! Only in a contemporary environment your employees can fully develop their individual competences and abilities. Our goal is, after the 10 week program with the New Way Of Working, to promote the collaboration of your teams and across disciplines, to give space to creativity, to facilitate project-oriented work, to shorten paths and to improve communication. As a result, we visibly increase your efficiency, your employee satisfaction and your employer attractiveness.

Employee Engagement

“Travelers should not be stopped,” says a phrase. But that is exactly what employee attachment should do: stop travelers. No, different, it should make sure that no desire to travel grows at all. True to the motto: Home sweet home. At the end of the 10-week program, our goal is to analyze all of your company’s employee engagement measures, define focus groups, implement performance measurement tools, and successfully roll out three further motivational actions of your choice.


Good communication is the basis for efficient and relaxed work. Good communication is “vital”; It is a matter of course, because we can not not communicate. Our goal within the 10-week program is to optimize your corporate communication so that your employees learn to define goals, to better listen and to observe, to perceive the nonverbal, to show empathy, to value others, to value and motivate each other more, to handle criticism and improve their meeting techniques. Based on an actual / target analysis and the introduction of different measurement techniques, we jointly develop actions to adapt your company’s communication, both internally and externally, to your company goals and vision.

Management Culture

“The best leader is the one whose existence is not noticed.” In order to be successful as a company in the future, a visionary and courageous leadership is required. Demographic challenges, greater flexibility, excellent employer branding, a good working atmosphere, lived values, achievement of management goals, delivering the expected results and so much more is demanded from your executives. Together, during the 10-week program, we will analyze your practiced leadership culture, acquire measurement techniques, develop a vision and strategy for the target leadership culture and introduce three measures you have selected to optimize the leadership culture in your company.

For Whom

Pro Efficiency Consulting speaks with its concept to entrepreneurs who

  • usually business consultants avoid like the devil the holy water
  • have not budgeted for any consultancy advice
  • permanently have no time
  • are totally under pressure and neglect family, friends and hobby, because the daily business eats them up
  • stand shortly before burnout, have neither strategy nor vision and do not know how to proceed with the company
  • have no joy or power to their business
  • would like to replace their entire employees with new ones

… or simply want to act preventively to exclude the above points in future

How we do it

We from PEC do not come as an omniscient in your business, actually we dont know anything, – but we don’t need to, because you and your employees know everything. Through precise questions, simple analyzes and the activation of each individual employee, we quickly discover optimization potential and can show huge successes in a very short time. Measurable success, individually adapted, in 10 weeks  all that we manage through:


Use of Multipliers

The use of ``multipliers`` enables us to process different optimization fields at the same time. Multipliers of your company. This not only gives us valuable information in a very short time, but at the same time we engage your employees and enable them to become - and stay - an important part of your Change Management. Multipliers increase the acceptance of change in the workforce and get you as a Manager out of the ``line of fire“. In addition, we save a lot of time which saves us costs. Simply efficient!

Finished Measures

A craftsman, without tools? Does not exist. Our tools are our completed and successfully implemented measures. We come with a toolbox filled with ready-made measures, easy to customize and deploy in 5 simple steps. Very easy to implement, so that you have no difficulties to continue independently. Simply efficient!

Starterkit - ready to go

We will not leave you unprepared. With our Starterkit multipliers from day one are picked up where they are, pre-training or read-ins are not necessary. The Starterkit has a short and clear structure, simple and comprehensible to work through, with checklists, to-dos, additional information, ready-to-use spreadsheets, templates, emails ready to send, etc. This will make every employee a successful Change Manager in no time. Simply efficient!

Efficiency in cooperation And communication

Our cooperation is based on clear mutual, honest and open communication. Expectations are documented, goals clearly defined and existing communication channels analyzed and used. We create a communication plan that guarantees 100% transparency for you as a Manager at all times. When will you be informed, by whom, about what, how far are permissions and responsibilities granted, etc. Smooth communication makes us faster, more dynamic and increases a success cooperation. Simply efficient!

Years of Experience

We know what we do. With us you get many years of experience in your team, expertise, insider knowledge and a huge network of quick solution finders. And best of all, after 10 weeks you and your employees are ready to call themselves successful Change Managers and efficiency - enhancers, because You anchor our impulses. Simply efficient!

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